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All about the BICOM® bioresonance method

The animal organism is exposed to many stresses. If too many act on it for too long, this can inhibit or even block the regulatory capacity and the self-healing powers.

Every organism has a natural regulatory system that also compensates for extraordinary influences. However, its self-healing powers can reach their limits. The immune system can become dysregulated. Unclear health problems such as a lack of appetite and apathy, or even serious physical symptoms are the result.

We would like to use BICOM® bioresonance to show you how the self-healing powers of affected animals can be brought back under control.

Worth knowing

BICOM® bioresonance is very well suited to reactivating and restoring the body’s own self-healing powers of the animal, according to the numerous application observations and experience reports available.

You are a BICOM® therapist and would like to share your experience with us? We usually conduct interviews by telephone. It is best to write to us at when it suits you best.

How bioresonance can help diagnose hidden causes of disease

The first time I came into contact with the bioresonance method was while working in a practice as a salaried veterinarian. When I opened my own practice, I decided to work with this method as well. In addition to the numerous treatment options, bioresonance also offers the opportunity to make more targeted and faster diagnoses […]

Bioresonance in veterinary medicine

An interview with long-time veterinary naturopathic practitioner Dagmar Scheuffele. About the integration of the BICOM® device in her practice and the use of the BICOM® bioresonance method with large and small animal patients.

Treatment concept with high success rate

An interview with Dr. med. vet. Juliane Jaeger. A specialist veterinarian for small animals, who has been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method since 1997.

Frequently asked questions & answers

The BICOM® mobile VET device can basically be used on all animals. Both pets such as dogs, cats and small animals, but also large and farm animals such as horses and cows.

Yes, the BICOM® mobile VET can be leased. In Germany we cooperate with archimedes Leasing GmbH. Outside of Germany, many of our international partners also work with leasing companies. Please contact them directly to discuss in more detail.

Yes, this can even be combined very well, as the BICOM® mobile VET is primarily designed for mobile use in riding stables, farms and stables. However, it is also popular with veterinarians and veterinary practitioners for home visits when pets cannot be transported. Further information on the BICOM® mobile VET device.

Because the BICOM® mobile VET device is intended for mobile use, there is no significant set-up time. The BICOM® mobile VET consists of a set. An accessory case, in which cables and applicators are stored, and the actual treatment device. Both sit securely on a mobile trolley for mobile use. More information about the BICOM® mobile VET device.

Outside of Germany, training courses for Veterinarians and veterinary practitioners are offering in combination with our international partners. Please contact them directly for more information.

We recommend having the BICOM® mobile VET device serviced every two years.

It is best to contact the international partner responsible for you. They will explain the necessary steps to you.

This is difficult to say, as there are different accessory packages depending on the practice equipment. Our international partners will not only introduce you to the BICOM® mobile VET device in the practice, they will also prepare a personal offer for you.

Usually, the animals can also lie down on the modulation mat. It is not absolutely necessary to put on the modulation mat. BICOM® veterinarians and veterinary practitioners like to do this with cats.

The testing is done painlessly as part of the anamnesis. The veterinarian or veterinary naturopathic practitioner has various options for this, such as bioenergetic testing using the tensor testing technique or electro-acupuncture (EAP) or testing using the combined testing technique (BICOM CTT), with ampoules that have been specially compiled for veterinary medicine.

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