BICOM® mobile VET
Cause‐oriented testing and treatment



Biophysical basics of the bioresonance method

Life is only possible if three conditions are met: Matter, energy and information.

We also find these aspects in conventional medicine, both in diagnostics and as well as in therapy. For example, every medicine is also a carrier of information.

Information is neither energy nor matter, it is immaterial and comparable to the meaning of a message from a sending to a receiving receiving system.

In cell communication and the transmission of information, in addition to the electrical processes at the receptor proteins and biomembranes in general, electromagnetic interactions through light (biophotons) also play a role.

Specific electromagnetic wave patterns function as information carriers. These wave patterns can be modulated by the BICOM device in order to eliminate disturbing or stressful information in an organism.

The aim is to restore the free flow of healing information (cell communication) and thus support the self-regulation of the organism and the self-healing powers.

Individual, patient’s own information or information from native substances, digitised substances or information stored on memory media can be used for therapy.


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Treatment with the help of the patient’s own information

in the BICOM® mobile VET bioresonance device

BICOM® bioresonance, differs to other “frequency therapies” due to its use of patient-specific information and the possibility of testing specific wave patterns for resonance. It is highly individualized and perfectly adapted to the needs of the patient.

The patient’s own pathological and physiological information is picked up via special applicators and fed into the BICOM® mobile VET.

Depending on the therapy program, the specific wave patterns are amplified, attenuated or inverted and transmitted back to the patient in a modulated form. As a result, the transmission of the information changes in its clarity or disappears completely, depending on the modulation.

The treatment signals are continuously adapted to the changing pathological situation of the patient. With progressing therapy time, the regulatory capacity of the body is reactivated.

Therefore BICOM® Bioresonance

Cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept


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The BICOM® bioresonance method is a cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept. It can narrow down the cause of the health problem in animals and even find hidden causes of the clinical picture.

Animals have a natural regulatory system that can also compensate for extraordinary influences. However, even good self-healing powers reach their limits at some point. Persistent exposure to allergens, environmental toxins, fungi, viruses, bacteria or stress and changed living conditions weaken the immune system and are often the causes of disease. In particular, fungal infections on the skin or chronic diseases in general are not always due to a genetic defect caused by breeding, but are signs of a disturbed immune system.

Especially as animals that cannot tell us where exactly it hurts or how the complaints manifest themselves, the BICOM® bioresonance method is the key to a successful diagnosis and therapy. It is a gentle form of therapy that can be carried out without side effects and without additional stress for the animal.

The BICOM® mobile VET records the bioenergetic state of the animal, processes the information contained and transmits modified vibrations / therapy frequency patterns back to the animal. Disease patterns and stresses can be diagnosed and a targeted therapy can be initiated.

By using endogenous and exogenous substances, the body’s own self-healing powers can be activated and imbalances that have existed for a long time can be regulated.

We at REGUMED® are pioneers of the BICOM® bioresonance method. More than 30,000 therapists worldwide, including well over 10,000 in Germany, are successfully using our therapy concept.

Experience from the practice

“I use the BICOM bioresonance method in a very wide range of cases, including allergies, food intolerances, chronic inflammations, skin problems and wound healing, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic indications. Every day I experience amazing successes that I almost can’t believe myself. My success rate is exceptionally high, my pet owners are satisfied and the animals are doing well – that is the best motivation…”

M. Langhojer
Veterinary practitioner


The BICOM® bioresonance method

  • Stress-free for animal and pet owner
  • Immediate test results
  • Painless testing and therapy
  • Wide range of treatments
  • Suitable for all types of animals

Treatment focus

For gentle and optimal treatment of causes of disease in animals

The BICOM® bioresonance method is predestined for use with large and farm animals such as horses, but also with dogs, cats and small animals. The treatment focus of the BICOM® mobile VET is wide-ranging. It is now used for many indications.

It recognises health deficits at an early stage and is used for the following complaints, among others:

  • Sweet itch
  • Feed intolerances
  • Allergies and secondary diseases
  • Leishmaniosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Hoof ulcer
  • Mallenders
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
  • Cat cold / cat plague
  • Ophthalmitis / conjunctivitis
  • and much more.

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