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BICOM® Bioresonance: Helpful for humans and animals!

My daughter’s illness led me to bioresonance. The little girl suffered from severe neurodermatitis at the age of 2 ½ years. Unfortunately, the dermatologists consulted could not really help her. Through many channels I heard about a “bioresonance doctor” whose treatment successes had spread in our area. I took the chance and introduced my child to her. After a few BICOM® bioresonance treatments the neurodermatitis had disappeared! My relief was immense and my curiosity piqued. Now I wanted to know how this bioresonance method worked.

How BICOM® bioresonance works

I had the BICOM® device demonstrated to me by a medical product consultant (from the company Regumed) in my veterinary practice. I was impressed by the device and its many possible applications, but it was only a kind of test with two of my own horses that finally convinced me: These horses had been suffering from a chronic cough for a long time. After a few bioresonance treatments they were free of their cough and had no more symptoms! I then ordered a BICOM® device straight away.

BICOM® Bioresonance for Animals

That was in 2003 when I started working with the bioresonance method in my veterinary practice. The successes came quickly and the pet owners were enthusiastic. As a result, pet owners asked more and more often if they could also be treated. As this pressure on me grew, I decided without further ado to train as a human naturopathic practitioner

BICOM® bioresonance for humans

I have now been treating people with the bioresonance method for 13 years. I now have five bioresonance devices and two flourishing practices, although I have never advertised. People and animals come to me through word of mouth. I really couldn’t imagine my practice without bioresonance. I am thrilled at how quickly and effectively I can detect and treat interference fields without having to inflict pain on patients or prescribe harmful medication.

Current case

Infant, seven weeks old, suffers from extremely severe diarrhoea and chronic vomiting. The paediatric clinic suggests that the infant could be operated on and the entrance to the stomach could be closed further in order to curb the vomiting.

The mother does not agree and comes to my practice. Through an energetic test I find out that the baby’s intestine is heavily contaminated with candida and that there is an intolerance to milk powder.

Already after the first bioresonance treatment the diarrhoea is as good as gone and after the second one the baby does not have to vomit anymore. A relatively small treatment effort and the baby is fine again! The mother is very happy that this was achieved without the surgical intervention.


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Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte

Veterinarian and additionally naturopathic practitioner in the human field. She has been running two different practices for several years: one as a naturopathic practitioner and a veterinary practice and has been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method since 2003.