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Bioresonance in veterinary medicine

An interview with veterinary naturopathic practitioner Dagmar Scheuffele


The use of the BICOM® device is suitable for a wide range of complaints such as feed allergies, infectious diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, pain of all kinds, shock therapy after accidents and much more.

Bioresonance can be excellently combined with osteopathic treatment and also with conventional medical treatment. For example, kidney or liver insufficiencies, intestinal disorders, etc., can be optimally supported with BICOM®. Often these treatments work so well that medication can even be dispensed of with afterwards.

The value of the BICOM® device is that difficult diseases can be treated very well. The body can be supported in a targeted way so that the animal recovers better and faster.

Case: Horse

  • Complaints since several years
  • Extreme muscle loss
  • Poor overall condition
  • Reacts aggressively when touched

Diagnosis: Lyme disease

After 6 treatments with the BICOM® device, the condition has improved dramatically. The horse can be touched again, aggression has completely disappeared, it is very relaxed during the treatments. Will continue to be treated as there are still strains.

Advertising in the veterinary practice

Advertising is not necessary, new patients come exclusively through recommendations. Some pet owners only come to my practice for bioresonance treatment. However, I also often receive patients from vets and clinics in the surrounding area. These are mainly chronic cases where conventional medical methods had not led to any significant improvement or cure.

I can highly recommend BICOM® bioresonance, it is a great addition to my practice. The animals feel well during the treatments and the pet owners are happy!


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Dagmar Scheuffele

Veterinary naturopathic practitioner ATM. Veterinary practice since 2010 with a focus on frequency medicine. Training at the Academy for Homeopathy. BICOM® bioresonance since 2013.

Uses BICOM® bioresonance in a supportive way in combination with other methods such as osteopathy, homeopathy and physiotherapy. Areas of application: Allergies, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal system (such as hip dysplasia, spondylosis, joint inflammation), shock therapy (e.g. after accidents), pain therapy, kidney and liver insufficiencies, intestinal problems (e.g. with food allergies).