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Control of metabolic processes in animals

Metabolic processes in animals include all bodily reactions that occur when nutrients are absorbed, utilised or released. Absorbed carbohydrates are converted in the body into for example Glucose. Glucose is the most important simple sugar in carbohydrate metabolism, and serves as the main source of energy for the brain and muscles.

All metabolic processes are controlled by a superordinate system of electromagnetic frequency patterns. The animal is healthy when all control systems are optimally tuned to each other. Interfering oscillations caused by pathogens, allergens and toxins can stress the electromagnetic control systems of animals and lead to diseases.

If the animal’s body is no longer able to counteract these stresses itself, veterinarians and animal health practitioners can support the organism with BICOM® bioresonance. Physiological frequency patterns are strengthened and promoted, while pathological ones are weakened or neutralised. This results in a stimulation of the body’s own regulatory forces and a stimulation of the immune system and toxin elimination.



The REGUMED® team of experts consists of employees who have gained relevant experience in the field of BICOM® bioresonance over many years.