BICOM® mobile VET
Cause‐oriented testing and treatment

Expanded treatment spectrum with BICOM® bioresonance

For us, good veterinary medicine means diagnostics, involvement of the owner through intensive consultation and modern veterinary therapy concepts including alternative treatment methods.

Since the majority of my animal patients suffer from allergies, autoimmune diseases, intolerances and skin problems, the bioresonance method is often used. The special benefit of this is also in the diagnostics, because I can determine the real triggers of complaints relatively quickly with the help of resonance testing. Longer waiting times for laboratory results are thus eliminated and the animals can be treated immediately with the BICOM® device. Improvements often occur after the first treatment.

An additional advantage of BICOM® bioresonance – compared to similar methods – is the possibility to use the patient’s own substances and thus to treat very individually.

Bioresonance is a gentle and holistic approach to the well-being of the animal. My standards are very high and I would never support a method that does not bring me success in my work with animals.


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Bärbel Klinkenborg

Veterinarian in Grafenau (Germany), uses alternative healing methods in her practice in addition to conventional medicine. She has been working successfully with the bioresonance method since 2003.