BICOM® mobile VET
Cause‐oriented testing and treatment

Looking for clues with the BICOM® method

My first experience with the BICOM® method was back in 2000, when I had frequent contact with a veterinary practitioner. He was known for his exact test results, which he could achieve with the BICOM® device. That’s why I always turned to him when I was stuck with a difficult horse. He then identified the hidden causes of the disease for me and I was then able to diagnose and treat it accurately. When he died in 2007, the BICOM® method was put on ice for me for the time being.

In the meantime, my daughter had trained as a naturopathic practitioner. When she told me about a lecture that was to take place in the neighbouring community – on the subject of bioresonance – I was immediately interested. We attended the lecture together, were enthusiastic and subsequently ordered a BICOM® device!

Determining the cause

I first used bioresonance in my practice mainly for diagnostics in the form of comprehensive testing. It quickly became obvious to me that almost all “chronically ill” animals (and these were mostly the ones in the bioresonance tests) were in a state of latent deficiency and that many illnesses were largely based on this. So, my focus was first on replenishing missing vital substances, keeping away noxae, supporting the elimination organs and only then entering into a possible therapy.

My concept is to always “clean up” the metabolism first. Less than half of my patients even need therapy in the form of bioresonance afterwards. I have a lot of cases in my practice that are beyond treatment and I can really help them if the pet owners cooperate and the appropriate abstinence is observed. There is almost always an improvement in health, and you can already see the success after two to three weeks.

Scepticism? Success counts!

I often work together with clinics and colleagues. Some of these colleagues are sceptical about the bioresonance method, but on the other hand they see the good successes, as animals respond well to regulatory medicine treatments in the vast majority of cases. There is also no need to question whether it works, the successes confirm my approach.

My practice is run exclusively by word of mouth. I do not advertise and am still very well booked!


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Dr. med. vet. Kristin Höper

Veterinarian in Heringsdorf (Germany). She has been enthusiastic about horses since childhood. So, it was clear very early on what profession she would take up. She completed her studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover and then opened a mobile clinic for horses. She has been working with the BICOM® device since 2013.