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Cause‐oriented testing and treatment

“Only a chronically ill patient is a good patient?”

That was the saying in my training days in the 2000s. However, this (cynical) saying did not go well with my intention to use my knowledge for the welfare of animals and to help them in the best possible way. Early on, I started looking for holistic treatment approaches. My first choice was homeopathy and acupuncture. In 2003 I became aware of the bioresonance method through an advertising campaign and quickly decided to purchase a BICOM® bioresonance device for my practice. At that time, device therapies were relatively popular with pet owners. Such treatments were well accepted and were thus also a sensible addition to my repertoire of methods from an economic point of view.

At first, I used the device more as I saw fit. The results were not really convincing. After I had studied the systematics of bioresonance and the targeted application possibilities of this form of therapy in more detail at seminars and had learned to carry out certain biophysical tests myself, I finally had really good results! Standard training also pays off in this area.

Quick detection of stresses

Now I could specifically test the therapy programs that came into question for the animal and uncover substances that were risky for the animal organism. Gradually, I also acquired test kits, so that I now have a stringent and quick way to find stresses and disturbing factors. Very often I am able to identify causes in chronic ” out-treated” cases, which firstly we did not expect and secondly, we would not have found using the conventional methods. In addition, the bioresonance method offers the possibility of releasing blockages and strengthening the elimination organs. All without medication and without harmful side effects! All in all, I have here a gentle and effective method to help the animals holistically.

Setting self-regulation in motion

I have developed alternative medicine more and more in my practice because I have many more options here in therapy and diagnosis. In my eyes, conventional medicine is good and important for acute conditions, but I cannot subject an organism to lifelong medication, that is completely counterproductive. If the animal’s self-regulation and regeneration is massively disturbed, I can bring the organism back into balance with the bioresonance method and set self-regulation in motion again.

Cellular information exchange

I have always had a soft spot for physical topics. In the last 15 years I have collected a lot of material about subtle connections and the cellular exchange of information and within this framework I have found the proof for myself why the bioresonance method works. I am glad that I have integrated it into my practice. Pet owners very quickly realise that this method is beneficial for the health of their pet. Treatment successes are also the best argument to counter critics.


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Dr. med. vet. Lutz Mauer

Veterinarian in Pirna (Germany); research studies and doctorate for reproduction and obstetrics, specialist veterinarian for radiology as well as specialist veterinarian for horses; since 1989 he has also been working with alternative healing methods and since 2003 he has also been using the BICOM® bioresonance method in his practice.