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Cause‐oriented testing and treatment

The role of self-healing powers

Every organism has its own regulatory system that is able to compensate for disruptive influences to a certain degree. Too many stresses, such as feed additives, chemically contaminated drinking water, environmental toxins, electrosmog, exhaust fumes, allergens, bacteria and viruses can block or even paralyse the self-healing mechanism. The body can no longer defend itself and diseases can develop.

The aim of a BICOM® bioresonance treatment is, among other things, to stimulate the elimination of harmful substances and to activate the self-healing powers.

The animal patients who are presented to us suffer from a wide variety of symptoms. In order to determine the causes of complaints, a detailed anamnesis is taken at the beginning of a bioresonance treatment. Then pathogenic factors are determined by means of testing. Based on the results, we draw up an individual therapy plan. The treatment is then carried out with the BICOM® bioresonance device, whereby the total duration of treatment can vary accordingly depending on the severity and duration of the illness.

What are the advantages of bioresonance?

This bioresonance therapy is both painless and stress-free for the animals. Furthermore, it is free of side effects and can be optimally combined with other forms of therapy.


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Nicole Madsack

Naturopath and classical veterinary therapist. Has been working with BICOM® bioresonance for 10 years.

“Helping animals is my passion.”